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Counselors in Lebanon

Professional Counselors

Our goal is to provide our patients with the necessary support and tools to develop the lifestyle of their choice. Change can be challenging, and the outcomes can be empowering. We will support your choice of changes that will bring meaningful peace to your present.

Our counselors will help you change ‘unhelpful patterns’ of beliefs, thinking, feelings and behaviors.


Recovery Counseling

Recovery counseling leads one to a place of peace and more understanding of life.

Group Therapy

Group therapy makes available a time to share experiences with one another, develop appropriate boundaries with others, practice communication skills while altering unwanted behaviors and beliefs.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy offers a time for couples to heal broken and bruised spirits.







Our counselors have dedicated over fifty years of their professional lives to sharing knowledge and guidance with those who are struggling through addiction recovery, relationship challenges and life changes.

Treatment & Education

I have built my practice believing that everyone deserves a second chance, respect, peace and happiness. My purpose is to assist and support you while you reach YOUR goals.

Life can be challenging at times. Seeking to restore balance and harmony in your daily walk takes effort and courage. Successful outcomes are possible when one is willing to embrace change. ~ Chris Buchanan